Toomey deserves applause, not censure

On TV last night, I heard a ranking member of the Pennsylvania State Republican party say “we did not send him to vote his conscience or do the right thing” in talking about the Pennsylvania Republican party’s move to censure Sen. Pat Toomey for voting to convict Donald Trump at the recent impeachment trial.

Toomey had taken an oath as a juror at the trial to impartially view the evidence and vote accordingly.

He says he fulfilled his oath, and I think he did.

Just think about it. If I were a juror in say a trial of a well-known person for a murder, and I knew that voting to convict or acquit would bring personal consequences, am I going to be able to remain impartial and vote based on evidence?

It is chilling.

Another big problem with the member’s statement is that the party did not elect Toomey; we citizens did.

I may not have voted for Toomey but, once elected, he is my senator for his term and I, for one, am a citizen that expects all my elected officials to have a conscience, to make hard moral choices, to consider what is right and to act in accord with those principles.

It is an example, to me, of the rottenness of party politics and the grasp for power that drives too many politicians to say and do only what is good for them or what they are told to do by party leaders.

We, as voters, are only useful in the election cycle when we are wooed to vote for one candidate or the other, but then our beliefs and concerns are given scant heed except for the very few who are mega donors.

I just cannot think this is the way it should be.

Linda Gunn



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