Supremacists work toward dictatorship

Supremacists want total control over all Americans. Insurrectionists want to destroy democracy. Both want America to become a dictatorship.

Even after the election, they still believe they can make Donald Trump the ruler of America.

Far-right militias, the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Boys, Qanon and others are not patriots. They are anti-American, anti-democracy.

They all stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 to take over the government.

Nazis were also there, wearing shirts saying 6 million dead Jews were not enough.

The Nazis want America to be Nazi Germany. They want to be the Brown Shirts to patrol American neighborhoods, carrying clubs in groups to keep Americans in line.

Those who believe the groups listed above will not go after you because you’re white are wrong. And if you think they will only go after Black, Hispanic, Muslim, Jewish or gay people, you are fools.

They will go after anyone who defies or disobeys them. This all started with outright lies, about voter election fraud. Tens of millions of Americans were brainwashed to believe these lies.

No court found any proof of voter fraud.

The Supreme Court would not even hear any cases on this, and many judges in these courts were Trump appointees.

A few Republicans in Congress will stand up for the oath they took. They will stand up for the constitution and Americans.

It is obvious members like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene are with the insurrectionists.

The rest of the Republicans seem to be with anti-democracy groups or are afraid of them.

Where do Pennsylvania’s members of Congress stand?

Russia and China are relishing the Capitol attack. They see it as a step closer to one day moving to America.

America does have problems, but they can be corrected. If you think a dictatorship is the answer, you know nothing about dictators.

Do not be afraid of anti-American, anti-democracy groups. That is what they want.

Dennis C. Shore



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