State has botched priority on vaccines

When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, who should be first?

With great interest, I have been reading about the vaccine being given to people most at risk.

First responders, firemen, doctors, nurses and others on the front line have been treated. As it should be.

But now it seems priorities have shifted.

Terrorists at Gitmo, politicians, drug addicts, teachers that refuse to teach, elites with money and political clout are now at the top of the list no matter their age or condition.

My 76-year-old wife, who has been fighting cancer for over two years, remains on a waiting list.

Does the idea of sending vaccines to countries all over the world before treating our own deserving folks make any sense at all? I say no.

Please don’t construe my thoughts as mean-spirited or selfish. But my first priority is my wife’s well-being.

The program in Pennsylvania is one of the worst in the entire country. Why?

We are just little people with no influence or voice. So we will just have to wait until all of the above-mentioned people get theirs — not happily.

Kenneth L. Smyers



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