Republicans vexed with US direction

As days go by, I am getting more upset by the actions of Joe Biden and his plan to recycle Barack Obama’s do-nothing cabinet into quickly turning America into a second-rate country governed by power-driven individuals with no concern how this will affect the citizens of this great country.

Americans only have a few options in fighting the far left progressive members of Congress.

Sure there are many organizations such as Americans For Prosperity, PA Heritage Foundation and Freedom Works. I could list more, but I think you get the idea.

However, limited by government rules and regulations, they still do a great job promoting a conservative government and encouraging people to register and vote for conservative candidates.

On the other hand, it seems like Democrats have taken to destroying this country as we have known and love. They apparently know every dirty trick in the book, including mail-in voting to win elections and, yes, I know the courts would not take up election fraud.

What a surprise.

Progressive media wouldn’t report anything about Biden and his son’s alleged criminal activities. Another surprise.

Social media shut down the president of the United States and other influential conservatives. There’s nothing fair about that, either.

So what is my point?

The Republican Party has many good conservative thinkers, walkers and talkers and good patriots who were willing to express their dissatisfaction with the unfair actions of Congress.

A brief takeover of the U.S. Capitol was the result. When you think about it people can only take so much. They get frustrated and angry — sometimes real angry.

We should have expected something like this was going to happen sooner or later. Was it too much? It did indeed give America a wake-up call.

Unfortunately, it also gave the Republican Party a black eye.

Allen P. Mitchell



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