Legislative support for unborn important

A review of Martin Baronner’s letter to the editor printed on Jan. 20, 2021 on the infamous Roe v. Wade decision reveals a glaring error in Baronner’s understanding of the abortion laws.

According to Baronner, abortion was settled by the Supreme Court in 1973 and all presidents since then of both parties haven’t touched that issue.

Obviously, this statement is in error since the issue still remains alive and has been debated extensively over the years.

In addition, numerous presidents and state legislatures have attempted to modify the ruling which in essence allowed unlimited access to abortion.

The most egregious statement made by Baronner was that “There are no late-term abortions being performed because that is illegal.”

How I wish that would be so, as at least six states and the District of Columbia allow access to abortion up until the moment of birth with Gov. Northam from Virginia even advocating for post birth abortion.

Baronner is upset that 43,000 people in Blair County voted for President Trump, who is recognized by pro-life groups as the most pro-life president that we have had.

I, for one, thank our local state and federal representatives for all they have attempted to do to protect the life of the unborn child.

I proudly supported President Trump because I agree with the Catholic bishops that abortion is the preeminent issue of our time.

If we can callously and casually destroy the life of the unborn, what is preventing us from putting a target on other lives such as those with down syndrome, genetic disabilities, age or other characteristics that those in power or authority do not value?

R. Thomas Forr Jr.



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