Impeachment should not stop with Trump

Well, what do you know, if Chuck Schumer’s right, and it’s constitutional to impeach and convict public officials after they become private citizens, then I have a list we should start with:

1. Hillary Clinton (and those who aided and abetted her, Susan Rice et. al) for Benghazi and a host of other crimes.

2. Eric Holder for Fast and Furious and more.

3. Barack Obama for making the presidency a crime syndicate.

Heck, why not George Washington? After all, he was a slave owner.

To save time and money, let’s just amend the Constitution to state that every public official (past, present and future) is automatically impeached and convicted the moment they leave public office whether they be alive or dead.

There, that should do it.

Trump in 2024.

Bill Grebe



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