Hawley’s actions show his true patriotism

As I read Kathleen Parker’s opinion piece Sunday, I was struck at how out of touch she is.

She represents a large segment of politicians, media figures and personalities who are out of touch with how the average American thinks.

She claims due to Sen. Josh Hawley’s support of President Donald Trump’s claims of a stolen election, his challenge to the certification of the presidential vote, and because he brought attention to the obvious censorship of Simon and Schuster he has blown any presidential hopes he has.

But it’s just the opposite. He has enhanced them because he has spoken and stood for the truth and on principle.

It’s the politicians like Nikki Haley who were quick to throw President Trump and his supporters under the bus to get in the good graces of the political establishment that have damaged, probably irreparably, any hope they had of getting the Republican nomination to run for president.

Finally, to show how establishment politicians and the media think, she brings up the fact that his chances of getting his signature issue, online child abuse, has been damaged by his actions and that senators Blumenthal and Markey “have no further interest in working with Hawley on this issue.”

Only morally bankrupt politicians would abandon the goal of helping children not be abused because they want to punish someone for taking positions that they disagree with.

I think the repudiation should be and will be placed where it belongs, by the majority of Americans, on media people like Kathleen Parker and the establishment politicians who stand for themselves and not for what is best for the country.

And not on true patriots like Sen. Josh Hawley.

Jere Cross



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