Doctor title should be reserved for medicine

Jim Wentz’s article entitled “Several degrees of separation” in the Feb. 13 edition of the Altoona Mirror wreaks of liberal academia.

Yes, Jill Biden holds an Ed.D. and Wentz a doctorate as well. Why you have to write a 337-page dissertation, then orally defend it for two hours before being granted a doctorate makes no sense at all.

Our daughter, whom the Mirror graciously acknowledged her accomplishments last May upon earning her doctorate of nursing practice, and who has full practice authority under an MD is not referred to as a doctor other than in the world of academia.

And she did not write a 337-page dissertation, but is a published author.

So Jill Biden and Jim Wentz should not be referred to as doctors other than in the world of self-elevating academia.

John Pierce

Cocoa Beach, Florida


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