Consider consolidation of area school boards

There has been much news lately about the poor state of schools in Pennsylvania.

Reportedly, they are “in crisis” because of COVID-19 and the only answer is to throw money at them to fix it.

Since this crisis has been, in large part, created by Gov. Tom Wolf’s lockdown edicts, you might think it would be time for a time of self-reflection about what might be the best for Pennsylvania in the long run. Instead, Wolf’s solution is the all-too-predictable standard Democratic response of taking more money from citizens by increasing taxes. Nothing like a good ol’ self-created crisis to fire up the “tax and spend” Democratic engine.

However, perhaps a better solution would be to actually examine the school system for some efficiency improvements to help solve the Wolf-created financial dilemma.

A good place to start would be to examine why each county has multiple school boards. One possible solution for this: Consolidation of services.

The response from school boards and municipalities across the state will likely be negative. The removal of the fiefdom, replaced with a countywide school board is, after all, heresy to most local politicians, but taxpayers might want to demand this idea be explored.

Replacing uselessly redundant school board bureaucracies with one school board per county would save thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

Maybe then, there could be an honest, unbiased look at consolidating schools and saving even more money.

Tim Wedding



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