Biden’s rushed orders will not help America

What an exciting time to be an American.

The new administration has been in control for only a few days, and I observe we are headed in a new direction.

1.Stopped building the wall and allowing open borders. This includes some of the worst criminals from all over the world entering.

2.Stopped the Keystone Pipeline project after promising employees their jobs would be protected. Obviously he changed his mind. For four years our country has been energy independent. Now we are at the mercy of the Middle East oil producers.

3.Signed Paris agreement. This anti-fracking, anti-fossil fuel is in full effect. This includes the dirty coal mines, massive layoff, and just watch our energy bills.

4.Jumped in bed again with the W.H.O. (World Health Organization). This is the same organization that permitted the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

5.Appointed failed presidential candidate Pete Buttigeig to a cabinet post. His first order of business — a federal gasoline tax. A $4 per gallon price may be in the near future.

6.Proposing a $15 per hour wage for all employees. This will lead to massive layoffs in the restaurant industry. Restaurant owners must operate showing a profit. A $25 hamburger and a $10 coffee may be necessary to stay in business. Customers’ volume will be reduced as people couldn’t afford to dine out very often.

I am 88 years of age, a Navy veteran and stand ready to defend my country at a moment’s notice.

I do believe our new president hates me.

Not a single one of the executive orders he has signed will make my life better.

Thanks, Mr. President.

Raymond Scanlan



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