Biden will prove he’s working for all people

As we approach the reconciliation bill that the House and Senate are working on, there will be much outcry about how this avoids the “unity” platform, and is not bipartisan.

OK, so before we go there, remember Republicans did that with the big tax cut. So let’s put this aside as a starting point.

What is in the bill, and how it helps Americans should be the focus and not on this single issue of reconciliation. There are many proposals aimed at reducing child poverty, providing continued support for the many impacted by the pandemic, specifically the “survival” checks, and accelerating production and administration of tests and vaccines.

There are many items in the proposal that will be attacked as too expensive, but the cost of many of the items equals the loss of revenue generated by the tax cut.

The previous administration’s tax cut created a huge deficit that targeted the rich and corporations. This proposal, on the other hand, in terms of costs is the same as the tax cut proposal.

So this proposal is designed to directly help people, and do so quickly. As we know, government is a little slow, but the survival checks will be going out likely in early March. Something else to be considered is that the tax cuts for you and me expire soon, whereas those for the very rich remain.

This is a true Republican proposal. Give little to the little people but lots to the big people. So when our tax break ends, the rich will still have theirs for the next 10 years.

So it is my hope that over time you will see that Joe Biden is on the side of working people, since he was one his whole life, and you will again give Democrats a chance.

Democrats want to help people by raising the minimum wage, strengthen health care and provide for the common good.

Republicans have always been the party of the rich.

All you need to do is really look at the Republican platform, and you will see that most proposals are not for you and me.

They are for Wall Street and other elites. Come back to your roots.

Stephen M LoRusso



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