‘World knows republic has fallen’

What made our republic function for over 200 years?

Was it the liberty, justice and equality for all that the republic promised?

Well, that promise has not been reached at present. The government found a way to balance power in a manner that ensured a peaceful change of that power within the government, thus maintaining civil order.

On Jan. 6, that republic ended with the blessing of the sitting president, Donald Trump.

In the Altoona Mirror, two local representatives of our fallen republic made statements about the overthrow of this republic that they helped to end.

Jim Gregory and Lou Schmitt supported Trump’s unproven claims of a stolen election up to the moment of the insurrection upon the Capitol.

On Jan. 7, they tried to distance themselves from their actions that helped to bring about an end to this republic.

Gregory still holds fast to the lies that brought about this ending.

The world knows that the republic has fallen and is watching to see if a new republic can be formed.

Like all world powers throughout history, they are looking to see what spoils they can take from the fallen.

Louis A Mollica



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