United States losing its respect

Yesterday, I received an email from a friend in Scotland I’ve known, traveled and corresponded with and visited for 51 years.

After graduating from Edinburgh University, she spent 25 years in Malawi, Central Africa, as a Church of Scotland sponsored missionary, teacher and head mistress of a girls’ school, where she once had to talk an armed man out of murdering one of her teachers.

Margaret is a tough lady.

In Malawi, she had seen first-hand the harsh and extremely punitive measures done to those who commit the least offense against the government.

Here are a few pithy statements about what she saw on BBC news. She “heard some of these white supremacists verbally abusing the BBC reporter and claiming that they were fighting for freedom.”

Scots know a thing or two about freedom. She wasn’t impressed. She noted immediately the “very different treatment the violent rioters received from that of the peaceful BLM protesters received on Lafayette Square.”

She told me how the German chancellor said this action “compared to the burning of the Reichstag (German parliament building) opening the door to Hitler.”

Hitler had the Reichstag secretly burned by his SA followers, and then used that act to declare martial law and became dictator.

She was glad that First Minister for Scotland “Nicola Sturgeon has said that Donald Trump is not allowed to play golf at his resort.”

Trump can’t play here because Scotland is on lockdown.

This is the way our allies now see us. We have fallen from the shining example and beacon of democracy that we once were.

The sadness is overwhelming.

Frances Hugg



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