News for Joyce: America has spoken

I read, with interest, Rep. John Joyce’s article on protecting American democracy.

Like Joyce, I, too, have serious concerns about American elections. If I may, I would like to ask a few questions of Rep. Joyce.

First, might I point out that Act 77 was passed, enthusiastically, by Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled legislature. Is Joyce implying that state Republican legislators are not as qualified as federal legislators?

Would he remove states’ control of their own elections in favor of federal control? Would Joyce explain how an election that is free, fair, safe, secure and legitimate — his words — was not transparent?

Also the Trump campaign filed and lost nearly 60 court cases, which were dismissed for lack of evidence, yet Joyce filed an amicus brief to the Texas case, which was filed — again without evidence — and dismissed by, the U.S. Supreme Court.

That case would have dismissed the vote of the state of Pennsylvania, a state which Joyce represents. That is the way to fight for his constituents?

Joyce is correct that 74 million Americans voted for President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, 82 million Americans voted for Joe Biden. That is 156 million Americans voting in a general election. Unprecedented.

As a political leader, Joyce should be praising the American voters for exercising their franchise, not trying to destroy their voting efforts. As he said, we are certainly a divided nation, but what is he doing to heal that division?

Does using inflammatory words like socialism, tyranny, and repression help heal those divisions or further exacerbate them?

Finally. Joyce needs to be reminded that his job is to represent all the residents of his district, including those who did not vote for him.

As he sits in Congress, receiving full salary and benefits, his constituents are jobless, hungry, lonely and dying in record numbers. As a medical doctor are his actions and decisions truly “doing no harm,” or does that part of his medical oath cease to exist upon his election to Congress?

His closing statement asking his fellow Americans to join him in fighting for freedom is interesting. They did. They voted in unprecedented numbers.

Win or lose, America has spoken, and democracy is the winner.

Elmer G. Nearhoof

Warriors Mark


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