Joyce’s allegations lack substantiation

I was disappointed to read Rep. John Joyce’s recent commentary.

As a poll worker for 13 years in Blair County, I feel that he has insulted us poll workers by insinuating that we were somehow complicit in some kind of voter fraud.

If Joyce truly believes that there was significant voter fraud in the recent election, then it is his right and duty to bring up election reform legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.

However, it is my understanding that Article II of the Constitution states that election procedures are left to the individual states. Every election year, I and my fellow poll workers take training courses to review prior procedures and get updates on the new election laws and policies as set forth by our state Legislature and the Blair County Board of Elections.

The board makes sure we understand all the laws and policies, and I’ve found my fellow poll workers take their responsibilities very seriously. We follow the rules of the elections to the letter.

If there had been any voting irregularities, we would have immediately notified the Board of Elections. Signatures are scrutinized, addresses and names are carefully analyzed.

On Election Day, we call the Blair County Courthouse for clarification of any questions on voter eligibility or procedure.

After many years of working the same precinct, we are familiar with our voters and would notice if anything seemed out of the ordinary. We take our jobs very seriously.

I urge our elected officials to talk to the experienced, dedicated poll workers before making allegations of voter fraud.

J. Philip Hall, MD



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