Joyce speaking for nation’s minority

Pennsylvania Congressman John Joyce, R-13th District, is promoting some extreme political positions.

He claims that we must have faith in our government, but in both local columns and in positions proposed by his office he proceeds to undermine that faith.

He emphatically opposes PA Act 77, which permitted mail- in ballots and extended times for voting which he claims “shrouded” the election. This type of act was passed in many states to encourage voter participation and by all accounts it worked.

Joyce then proceeds to condemn Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, secretary of state, attorney general and all seven members of the Supreme Court as “exceeding and circumventing” the state’s constitutional authority.

He then claims these are election crimes and encourages federal Attorney General William Barr to take “bold and courageous action” to investigate election fraud in Pennsylvania and other states.

Is he contending that all state governments are engaging in fraudulent behavior? Is he espousing a huge conspiracy?

He also encourages all states to use information from the Social Security Administration to maintain the voter registration list. All of these registration lists are inaccurate because people move, die and change parties.

That is why new voters and those who change parties can register before the election and those who moved or choose to not vote don’t show up. Why should the SSA become involved in managing local voter registration lists? Does he consider the county officials inept?

Joyce seems supportive of Trump’s lies, disruptive behavior and recent illegal attempts to reverse the election results in the state of Georgia.

Joyce is one of 18 of Pennsylvania’s congressmen, a small minority, wishing to disenfranchise voters after the election, a mirror of Trump’s Georgia actions.

While Joyce states we need faith in our electoral system he is working hard to destroy that faith.

Lawrence D. Carter



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