Four years of Trump more than enough

The election is finally over and the winner is Joe Biden.

There were some letter writers trying to undermine voters against Biden.

One writer from Williamsburg wrote a scathing opinion against the Democrats and Biden that was full of misinformation and lies. I counted at least 20 lies.

Another writer from Ashville had an opinion that was so full of misconceptions and lies plus was so scary.

If I thought that opinion had any basis to it, I would move out of the country.

These letter writers all seem to emphasize guns, socialism and abortion. They don’t seem to realize that we live in a capitalistic/socialist type of government. Social Security is only one of our socialistic programs.

I’m sure these people won’t turn down the money when they qualify for it.

Abortion was settled by the Supreme Court in 1973 and all presidents since then of both parties haven’t touched that issue. There are no late-term abortions being performed because that is illegal.

As far as guns, the Democrats are not coming to take your guns away. The Second Amendment protects your right to keep and bear arms. These are strictly scare tactics used by the Republicans to obtain votes, and they use them in every election campaign.

These letter writers don’t seem to care that over 20 million people have lost their jobs, over 355,000 people have lost their lives due to Trump’s incompetence dealing with the coronavirus, that he ruined a successful economy, insulted our allies, sided with dictators, lied constantly and has been trying to overturn a legitimate election.

On his way out of office, Trump is pardoning his criminal associates and convicted war criminals.

On Jan. 6, Trump made a speech encouraging his supporters to march to the Capitol and meet our senators. The result of his speech was an assault on our Capitol with thugs and criminals breaking into said Capitol resulting in death and destruction.

This was a direct assault on our democracy encouraged by the president of the United States. To the 43,000 people in Blair County who voted for Trump, I only have one question.

Did you really want four more years of this turmoil and chaos? Really?

Martin P. Baronner



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