Democrats share blame in happenings

I read many critical comments from Democrats about President Donald Trump in the Jan. 15 Mirror.

Where were they when the Democrats were telling people to beat up and spit on Republicans, along with President Trump’s staff, this past summer? Where were you when Democrats said it was peaceful protesting when buildings were being burnt to the ground and police officers were being beat up and killed?

Where were you when Democrats were asking businesses not to serve Republicans along with President Trump’s staff.

Where were you when President Trump’s staff was being harassed and bullied by Democrats?

Hey, Karen McIntyre, Layne Thiele and Joann Trybus, where were you then? Was it OK for Democrats to act this way? You did not call for those elected Democrats to be impeached, why?

When it hits your house, it’s not OK any longer. Democrats have blame in what happened at the Capitol just as much as Republicans and others do.

I in no way condone what happened at the Capitol, I think it got out of hand, but they were not all Republicans. No, it should have never happened, I agree.

We the people are not stupid, we know Joe Biden did not win without cheating, we know he did not get more votes than any other president in history!

You can bash President Trump all you want but look in the mirror and see what Democrats have done over the past four years to cause what is happening now and continues to happen with a second fake impeachment hearing. Unity? Democrats and Biden do not want unity and it shows!

Helen Brennan



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