Delusional thinking with bad judgment

This letter is being written following live televised coverage and newspaper reports of the domestic terroristic riot that occurred Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C.

Of grave concern is the judgment of the Cambria County Republican chairperson who, according to a voice message on the party’s answering machine, arranged for buses to attend the mass gathering in Washington, D.C., during a pandemic.

According to local newspapers, the COVID-19 pandemic has claimed 266 lives along with 9,214 cases in Cambria County.

While responsibility for the deaths and destruction in D.C. is still being investigated, attention turns to enablers of the president of the United States allowing his clearly pathological delusionary thinking to gleefully incite an attack on the Capitol.

President Trump’s demonstrated pathological brain impairment of Jan. 6 was being treated temporarily by a time out mandated by Twitter.

Meanwhile, concern for the health, well-being and safety of Cambria County residents by those returning to Cambria County after attending the mass gathering in D.C. has been expressed to Cambria County commissioners, Cambria County solicitor, the emergency service director via the non-emergency protocol (since there is no other local authoritative connection for preventive health intervention), and District Attorney Greg Neugebauer, who has the authority to enact and apply the REAP law of Pennsylvania.

REAP stands for recklessly endangering another person, according to the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statute Title.

Community leaders and service providers must exemplify responsibility and accountability for public health, well-being and safety.

Etta Albright



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