Control emotions during pandemic

The longer this pandemic continues, the more I see people losing control over their emotions.

I’ve seen men and women both freaking out in response to someone challenging them for not wearing a mask, the violent verbal and physical calamity being caught on a store camera.

I read today of an episode at a local coffee house where the patron’s whipped cream was forgotten on her latte, thus resulting in a major scene with a verbal reaction and her drink being hurled onto the exterior of that building.

Personally, I was followed to my home by an irate driver because I abruptly turned onto my street without using my turn signal. He ranted and raved at me, not giving me a chance to explain or question his speed or close proximity to my car before he sped off continuing to rant as he drove down the street.

These are just three of thousands of episodes many have witnessed in these last few months.

A dear elderly customer of mine cautioned me years ago that everything we say or do is making a memory, be it a good memory or a bad one. She was a wise woman.

JoAnn Forbes Johnston



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