Parents be wary of indoctrination

If you read the editorial from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette titled “PA education should include lessons of race,” you should be shaking in your shoes.

The article applauds the efforts of the PA Lower Merion School District for forcing 5-year-olds in that school district to read “A Kids Book about Racism” and reflect on how their racist actions hurt others.

Fourth and fifth graders must read “Not My Idea: A Book about Whiteness,” which preaches about how these young people should see themselves in terms of “Stolen land, stolen riches and special favors.”

Wake up. taxpayers. You are looking straight into the face of fascism permeating your schools and dictating what your children are to think about themselves and this nation.

The writer first makes the false assumption that all children are racist.

I, for one, strongly disagree that our 5-year-olds are racist. In contrast, they are anything but racist.

The children play with multi-cultural friends, they participate in all types of activities with multi-cultural team members, and many are raised in families of various religious backgrounds that teach love and respect for all people.

Currently there is a faction in education that believes parents should not have the right to determine what their children are being taught.

The writer again assumes that governments (federal, state, and local) have the right through the curriculum to demean our children and force them into accepting the writer’s perceived egregious offenses against society.

Keep in mind the Nazi party used these same tactics to indoctrinate the youth of Germany.

The writer further suggests that although a parent objected to such teachings, it was implied that it was the obligation of the State Department of Education to “guide” these schools through this “evolution in teaching” because they were “seasoned” and had a trained expertise in such matters that permitted them to know what is best for our children.

I suggest that all taxpayers, not just those with children in the schools, show up at school board meetings and ask to see the curriculum and demand that this indoctrination cease.

As we have seen in the past, this is just one more freedom of choice being trampled by those trying to force their political agenda.

Save your schools from this tragedy and retain the ability to make your own decisions relevant to your children.

Taxpayer money should not be used to destroy the self-confidence of our children and undermine the history and foresight of our founding fathers.

No nation is without history that has flaws. It is in examining it in context that allows us to alter past mistakes and build a brighter future.

This nation has moved forward, aspiring to do a better job, but not at the expense of alienating white children, or for that matter, any children.

Colleen Neville



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