Losing faith in our state and country

I love my country, the United States of America.

Some of my ancestors were here before the Pilgrims, and some were on the Mayflower.

The idea of freedom and liberty runs deep in my soul. I have always been proud of my country and the bravery of our forefathers, who founded and established this land’s Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

I come from a long line of patriots and my sons continue that line of patriotism.

I used to be proud that I was a Pennsylvanian. The commonwealth in which the Declaration was signed, the place that George Washington wintered in Valley Forge, the constitution formed into existence, and the tide turned during our Civil War at Gettysburg.

With the recent events of this election, I’m no longer proud.

Philadelphia has become a city that is no longer a place of brotherly love. It is a deadly and dangerous city. Neither has Philadelphia held true the faith of our founding fathers in morality in regard to freedom, liberty, honesty and integrity.

Philadelphia is known as a fraudulent election cesspool nationwide.

Harrisburg, my commonwealth’s capital, is an embarrassment, too.

The commonwealth’s constitution is in trouble, as is our country’s.

Many of us have taken an oath to defend and protect the constitution of U.S. against all enemies foreign or domestic. All those in office have taken the same oath.

When and how will the constitution be defended? Certainly our election system won’t work, while secret combinations of conspiring men and women remain untouched and have free range to do their way and not the majority of the people.

Maybe those in Harrisburg holding office now can turn things around back to the honesty, integrity, moral foundation our commonwealth and country were formed on.

Once lost, only through much misery and sorrow, can freedom and liberty be restored.

Willard Thompson



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