Letter writer wrong on root of US chaos

This is in response to Gaetano Monica’s Nov. 18 letter to the editor, “Biden will lead US to depression, chaos.”

Replace the name Biden with Trump, and it would be much more accurate.

Trump pulling troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq will cause chaos in that country. No wonder the Taliban endorsed Trump.

Thank you, Trump, for becoming such good friends with Putin and the Russians. They certainly have your back, except, of course, for the election which they obviously didn’t interfere in.

Thank you Trump, for smoke-bombing peaceful protesters so you could have a photo op in front of a church you don’t go to with a Bible you just picked up somewhere that you can’t even recite a verse from.

Thank you, Trump, for disrespecting our national anthem during your Super Bowl party as you talked and laughed while it was being played.

Thank you Trump, for taking away all the parents of children that you put in cages like animals and now they can’t be found to be reunited.

Thank you for all your division, hate and racism that has made Americans fight amongst themselves.

Thank you for lying about how deadly the coronavirus is so the economy tanked and businesses were lost because “you didn’t want to cause a panic, “ but 250,000 lives lost: “it is what it is.”

Thank you for your pardons for your criminal buddies and wishing well a known associate of a child sex offender.

Thank you for calling veterans and POWs “losers and suckers” and how much you dislike military people who get captured.

Thank you for being the liar in chief and making millions off American taxpayers while you were in office and golfing 285 times to the tune of $142 million.

And thank you, Joe Biden, for becoming the next president so that the United States will quit being the laughingstock of the world.

Jackie Edmundson



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