Letter reflects lack of respect for teachers

It appears that teachers are under attack again.

This is typical of a profession that receives little to no respect, and, frankly, we’re tired of dealing with ignorant people.

It’s no wonder that young people don’t want to enter this profession anymore.

College enrollments in education programs are down all over the country and have been steadily declining for the past several years.

We have had few, if any, applicants for the vacant educator positions that we’ve had this school year in our district.

So, if we all do as Helen Brennan suggested in her letter to the editor (Dec. 10, “Teachers should report to school”) and find new jobs, good luck finding our replacements.

One of the main reasons that we have had to close the schools is because we do not have enough substitutes to fill in for teachers off sick or in quarantine. Therefore, I would like to suggest that Ms. Brennan help solve the problem by applying for a substitute teacher position in our local schools.

The situation is so dire that they are basically taking anyone with a degree right now.

Granted, I don’t know her age, or her family’s current personal and medical needs and circumstances, but she doesn’t know ours, either.

And as I always like to say, don’t just complain. Be part of the solution.

We deal with enough complainers.

Elizabeth Chapman



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