Jobless claims should take priority

I read the article on WTAE’s website about John Roman and his problems with the Pennsylvania unemployment compensation system.

What this poor man has gone through to collect his entitled unemployment benefits is a disgrace.

The state of Pennsylvania should be ashamed, and Gov. Tom Wolf (hidden in the basement with Joe Biden), should be impeached for his inefficiencies as governor — when a law-abiding working citizen of the state has been trying to get his unemployment compensation since he was laid off work in March.

Criminals incarcerated in Pennsylvania prisons under Wolf’s control have been receiving illegal benefits in the millions of dollars paid by the state to them while in prison living off the state.

I guess if you are a criminal in prison, your actions to collect illegal benefits are far more important to be illegally approved for payment than a working state resident who lost his job because of COVID-19.

Where are you, Gov. Wolf?

Too involved in setting up the fraudulent mail-in ballots for Joe Biden than overseeing the mess in the Pennsylvania unemployment compensation system.

Roxine Copp



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