Who won election? We don’t know yet

Strive lawfully.

With allegations of tampering, software glitches, lack of transparency and posthumous voting, who is really the winner of our presidential election?

With our Electoral College, the winner of the presidential election may not necessarily be the candidate that received the most popular votes.

But what would make the candidate having the most popular votes and the highest count in the electoral college lose the race? What would disqualify the competitor that crosses the finish line first from receiving the prize?

With respect to the world of sport competitions, one of the best known and coveted accomplishments is to qualify for the Tour de France.

To compete in this renowned event is an honor in and of itself. To win this event is to be recognized as the best road cyclist in the world. To win three times would be awe inspiring.

To win seven consecutive times would be the making of an icon, but what would the loss of all seven titles indicate?

What happens when the world witnesses the first cyclist to cross the finish line and gain the prize only to later be revealed he was not the winner because they cheated?

The victor is not always the first to cross the finish line.

Matthew Stachmus



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