Take time to learn about climate change

This summer I attended the climate reality virtual conference, hosted by former Vice President Al Gore.

Gore described extreme weather events caused by a warming planet: Excessive rain and flooding, long-term droughts, the accelerating reduction of ice masses.

Hurricanes, wild fires and heat extremes are our new global norm.

These events cause myriad world problems, one of which is food security, growing to be a key global challenge of our time.

Climate migration is already occurring, reinforcing territorial conflicts, as people search for tillable lands.

The global temperature rise that we call climate change is due to earth’s thickening atmosphere, trapping solar radiation that formerly escaped into space.

The thickening comes from greenhouse gas emissions: Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and fluorinated (man-made) gases. These emissions occur primarily from the burning of fossil fuels-oil, coal and natural gas.

A secondary contributor is agriculture, including deforestation for industrial farming, meat-based diets and farming techniques that release carbon from the soil.

Even our wasted food, deposited in landfills, contributes to GHG emissions.

A recent Gallup poll indicated that 71 percent of Americans desire a shift from fossil fuels to alternative, cleaner forms of energy.

There’s also good news on green energy. We are already reaching “grid parity” where renewable solar and wind power, combined with battery storage are at equal or reduced cost to fossil fuel methods.

I encourage everyone to join in this effort.

Learn the issues, the solutions and how you can help. Please support policy makers who understand this global crisis and the change that must ensue to reverse it.

Linda Hersey



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