Socialism shouldn’t be misinterpreted

In a letter on Oct. 23, Jody Wallace claims to have committed several acts of socialism in one day. She did not.

Socialism requires total government control of goods or services. Wallace can read because of public education, with electricity provided by a co-op, in a house with an FDIC mortgage, drugs approved by the FDA prescribed by a licensed physician.

I can read my clock because of a private education, electricity supplied by a private corporation, in a home with a conventional mortgage, drugs prescribed by a physician of my choice and manufactured and produced by a private corporation and purchased from my local family-owned pharmacy.

I’m 73 and do not have Medicare, but do have other sources for retirement income. I can use UPS or FedEx, and private companies actually build the roads.

In short, all your actions required a choice and are not government-controlled.

Thomas Robison



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