Individualism helps drive Americanism

Pope Saint John Paul II said that the biggest question before a democratic society is how we live together. In seeking an answer to this question you have to ask, “Can a society survive without a basic moral reasoning?”

When you dissect this further, you have to realize that it is individual morality that makes an orderly society. Individual morality springs from the basic respect for life, from conception to the last natural breath.

Those that seek to impose their version of morality on others are now using a campaign of fear to accomplish this end.

What seems like a small inconvenience for the good of all sometimes represents the first step on a slippery slope that will surely lead to the imposition of more control that is neither just or moral.

Recently, the Mirror has published several letters that lead one to believe that many are content to begin down this slope.

In this current climate one needs to ask, “If I acquiesce on a small, seemingly innocuous matter, will it lead to a larger grasp for power that cannot be reversed?”

Among the many things history has taught us is that governments never relinquish power they have seized.

The American ideal has, throughout history, been highlighted by rugged individualism. American greatness was achieved by the audacity of individual initiative.

The basic moral reasoning behind the American ideal is to be responsible to society as a whole by paying one’s taxes, obeying its laws, respecting others and being productive.

It also demands as little interference from government and elitist notions as is possible.

Mel Kepner



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