In time of healing, why is there fear?

As I write this letter, Joe Biden has continued to increase his lead in our state, and with every update on the vote count, it gets larger.

So I expect that he will be declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Once that happens, and we move forward, with many of us happy about that.

But as we know, many will be unhappy but willing to accept the results as the will of the people. It is then we will be entering the dangerous time.

I am most concerned that President Donald Trump will begin a tour of the nation as a kind of last-gasp effort to feel the thrill of the crowd.

The danger of these tours, which will be heavily attended, is that he will continue to say the election was stolen and prevent most Americans from learning to accept the will of the people.

Instead, he will shout on about the will of Trump and how unfair and illegal the process was, because he did not win.

He will stoke the anger of many and propel some to acts of violence and continued strife. He will not let us heal and move past him. To him, he is more important than the nation.

He will without hesitation ignite the fires of the nation, and he will do so because it is not the nation that is important to him.

He is the most important person in his life.

Of course, I must add to this that Fox News will continue to promote that narrative as well. They are not a network interested in how the country heals and moves on. They, too, are matches to the kindling that simmers in too many. I implore those who only listen to Fox to step back. Turn off the TV and think about America.

Think about who we are. Remind yourself that in America, we vote and decide on what the future is about.

This is the time to leave that behind. This is the time to press your representatives to face up to and begin to address our challenges.

Address the issues that led to the disenfranchisement that too many feel. Address economic inequality and the many other challenges that we as a nation and a planet face.

It is not a time for fire. It is a time for healing and solutions. Those not willing to negotiate with the other side should be voted out — whether they are left or right.

Get rid of anyone who is not willing. Let’s come together now.

Stephen M. LoRusso



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