Hypocrisy of the left never more evident

The hypocrisy of the left revealed itself on Saturday upon the proclamation that Joe Biden will be the country’s 46th president.

Despite businesses boarding up their windows in preparation for mass chaos, there were no signs of violence or looting by the more than 70 million people who submitted their ballots in favor of the current president.

Instead, it was Democrats who engaged in large street celebrations that would have been labeled as dangerous superspreader events if swapped out for Trump rallies.

Biden preached unity in his acceptance speech just two weeks after calling Trump supporters “chumps” and one day after an Obama administration official promoted an accountability project to document and punish Trump staffers for serving the country under his leadership.

Progressive pundits forcefully disregarded investigations into potentially fraudulent actions by the postal service and election workers despite four years of relentless focus on election interference by Russia.

In the same way that the pollsters can rest easy knowing that their wildly inaccurate predictions will be forgiven by a biased media, liberals will continue to get away with throwing stones at glass houses and burning a few in the name of social justice.

Ryan J. Navarro



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