Conspiracy theories need to be stopped

President Donald Trump’s ability to inspire others to destroy their reputations is mind-blowing.

Last weekend, Rep. Jim Gregory stood with a small group of people in Hollidaysburg upset by the election results in Pennsylvania.

Some of the legal votes being challenged were cast by veterans and military members who have done far more to serve this region and this country than Gregory.

Instead of standing up for what’s right, Gregory chooses to fuel conspiracy theories.

Our brave health care workers fighting COVID-19 are working hard to save the lives of both Democrats and Republicans.

Like many, I’m tired of the partisan politics from both Democrats and Republicans.

The challenge of unifying this great nation is falling on the shoulders of President-elect Joe Biden. The responsibility shouldn’t be his alone.

There are many great people who serve this region every day. It’s up to us to tone down the awful rhetoric and to treat others with respect.

Our politics, religion and sexual beliefs may differ. But at the end of the day we all strive for safe neighborhoods, good jobs, and the chance to succeed.

I hope Gregory will fight the urge to be a part of the Good Ol’ Boys Club. Thanks to gerrymandering, he could probably make politics a career.

So why not take a stand to do what’s right and serve all voters of the 80th District.

Character matters. Right now, Gregory’s could use some work.

Christopher Miller



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