Cartoon only serves to perpetuate myth

I just had to write to express my dismay regarding your decision to run the editorial cartoon Thursday, Nov. 12 depicting tombstones displaying “I voted” stickers.

To perpetuate the myth that voter fraud is a problem in this country is just that — a myth. The Department of Homeland Security stated this election was the most secure in American history.

Implying President Donald Trump was defeated because of people voting twice, dead people voting, etc. is just a ploy to delegitimize Joe Biden’s victory and therefore his presidency.

Voting is a citizen’s right. The real problem in this country is voter disenfranchisement, which is real and ongoing. Truly fair elections won’t occur until this is corrected.

This country has suffered enough division lately. The Mirror is read by voters of all political parties in this area. A good political discussion is a good thing.

But one that is not fact-based, starts with the premise that is a blatant lie is worthless and helps to divide us American’s further.

That’s the last thing we need.

Daniel W. Johnson



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