Biden will lead US to depression, chaos

Thank you Joe Biden supporters.

Thank you for voting for the dark winter, higher taxes, late-term abortions, higher gas prices and heating fuel prices.

Thank you for voting for more regulations, fewer jobs, lawlessness and higher crime.

Thank you for encouraging Iran to kill more innocent people. Thank you for making communist China the most powerful country in the world.

Thank you for encouraging our children to disrespect God and the flag. Thank you for encouraging attacks on the finest document ever written since the Ten Commandments, our Constitution.

Thank you for taking away all the positive advances that have been made for minorities especially African Americans and Hispanics.

Thank you for undoing all the peace treaties that have been signed in the Middle East and destroying a peace that hasn’t existed for 2,000 years.

Thank you for encouraging wars around the world and the killing of more young American soldiers, men and women, as they are sent to unending, unjustified wars around the world.

Thank you for destroying the best growing economy this country has ever known. Thank you for killing the IRA savings and retirement accounts of millions of retired and hard working men and women.

Thank you for encouraging the deep state criminals in Congress by letting them know that their crimes can continue without any repercussions or any punishment.

Thank you for spitting on my dad’s grave after he risked his life fighting for you in World War II. Thank you for putting a thief, liar and incompetent in charge of our nuclear weapons and bringing us closer to total annihilation.

Thank you, Gov. Tom Wolf, for lying and doing all you can to cheat in an election just so you can get a position in a possible illegitimate government.

Thank you for all the jobs that will be lost because of your “pie in the sky” green movements.

Thank you for dividing our country even more and bringing us to the brink of a revolution. Thank you for making us the laughingstock of the world.

And all because you don’t like President Donald Trump’s personality.

I hold you personally responsible for the next four years of depression and chaos.

Gaetano Monica



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