Atrocious fish abuse at Lakemont Park

Thank you for your coverage of the very admirable efforts to rescue the animals at Lakemont Park.

What ended up being done to them was egregiously inhumane, unjustifiable and inexcusable.

Fish and other animals in similar situations have been saved. Blair County commissioners were contacted by people with such expertise, and by many volunteers who were willing and wanting to help.

A temporary enclosure could have been employed, or the animals could have been rehomed to private ponds as is allowed by the state. Instead they were left to slowly suffocate to death.

A worker there was even filmed chucking rocks at the dying fish.

Science has shown that fish suffer fear and pain. They are sentient beings who deserve respect and consideration, not gratuitous cruelty. The fish, turtles and other wildlife at the park were beloved by many.

They, and the community, deserved much better than the cruelty and dismissal to which they respectively were subjected.

The project is funded with a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Federation, an entity funded with tax dollars and private contributions.

Concerned people should let them know what they think of how their money was spent: causing animals to suffer and slowly die in agony.

Mary Finelli

Silver Spring, Md.

President, Fish Feel


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