We’re in desperate need of term limits

This election season I have followed with interest and amusement the highly polarized, emotionally charged letters to the editor.

I am a registered Independent voter with no affinity for either major political party. In fact, I say, “A pox on both their houses!”

Apologists on each side continue to spew and spin their respective dogmas for the primary purpose of gaining or retaining power. This unwillingness to put country over party is disheartening and dividing.

In my view, a start toward self-correction would be implementation of term limits and the creation of a third primary political (centrist) party. Neither will likely happen in my lifetime.

As citizens, the only real power we have is the right to vote, which is inherent to democracy.

I liken the presidential election of 2020 to a test of our country’s ability to act and think rationally. I hope we pass the test.

Ron Rossi



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