Trump has shown he’s not worthy

I watched a movie, “Saving Private Ryan.”

The first half hour or so are a reenactment of the assault at Normandy. It is a blood bath, with the water literally turning red from the blood of dead soldiers who were machine gunned down by white supremacist Nazis.

Then I watched a documentary on the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. There they were — the same Nazis giving the Heil Hitler salute and carrying guns.

Then I watched President Donald Trump say that “There were fine people on both sides.”

I wonder how many past commanders of the local VFW would vote for a five-time draft dodger, who thinks POWs are losers, who would ridicule a gold-star mother, who says his daughter is so hot he would be dating her if she weren’t his child, who refuses to show his income taxes and who has ripped off the working man through bankruptcy.

Pat Lidwell



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