Trump focused on low-middle incomes

Political fog obscures the economic accomplishments of the Trump administration.

Consider the positive impact of the following on low-middle income families.

Illegal immigration increases low-skill labor supply and decreases the market clearing wage — as illegals fill available jobs.

Limiting illegal immigration, as harsh as it may be, directly benefits low-middle income families.

The Jobs Act of 2017 reduced the household income tax liability for then-Congressman Bill Shuster’s constituents by approximately $2,000.

Reducing the corporate income tax rate from 34% to 21% removed that incentive for businesses to locate jobs outside the USA. Corporate income taxes represent only 7% of Federal tax revenue but greatly impact job creation.

NAFTA and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership benefited business but contributed to job losses in low-middle income families. Renegotiating NAFTA and abandoning TPP benefited those families.

Clearly, the Trump administration successfully focused on the jobs and incomes of low-middle income families.

Christopher Gable



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