Too often, socialism is being confused

Politicians banter about an “s-word” lately — socialism.

Not understanding its meaning, one night I looked it up: “Economic and political theories advocating collective or government ownership and administration of goods and services.”

Huh. I went to sleep, determined to comprehend better in the light of day.

Morning. Thanks to my public education, I read my clock. It’s powered by my consumer-owned electric cooperative. Tax-funded police and military kept me safe all night.

My house, purchased with an FDIC mortgage, kept me comfortable. Yikes. I’ve committed five acts of socialism before getting out of bed.

Next, I swallowed an FDA-approved medication. A state-licensed physician prescribed it so I am sure he is not a quack.

Medicare, Social Security, the U.S. mail and public roads came into play.

Boom. One minute, six more socialistic acts.

Am I a socialist? I thought I was an American.

Jody Wallace



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