State, local elections will direct our future

We have so rarely encountered such a divisive season as a nation.

With the presidential race forcing us all to truly think and ultimately decide on which political path our union will tread, our attentions are unintentionally diverted from the elections that matter most of all: our state/local elections.

As a councilman and a member of the Blair County Young Republicans, I can say with absolute certainty that state/local elections matter.

The judges that ruled either for or against Gov. Wolf’s actions through the COVID-19 pandemic were positioned during such an election. Those who decide the political landscape of our state’s judicial system, the oversight of the near $100 billion budget and the accountability on how Pennsylvania is spending our tax dollars are all decided during state/local elections.

Please join me in voting for Heather Heidelbaugh (attorney general), Stacy Garrity (treasurer) and Timothy DeFoor (auditor general).

David Snyder



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