State GOP chairman leads with integrity

In a recent letter to the editor, a writer advanced conjecture that the Republican-led PA Legislature was planning to usurp the will of the voters.

Specifically, he cited PA GOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas as the source of divulging such a plan. The alleged plan would involve the Legislature appointing the 20 electoral college voters — not the voters — and thereby intending to steal the PA election for President Trump.

I understand the writer’s unfounded concerns. There was a 9,800-word article published in “The Atlantic” wherein the journalist pitched hypothetical outcomes stemming from various chaotic premises. Read it yourself. Lawrence Tabas was quoted out of context in the article.

I know Lawrence Tabas, and I know him quite well. Tabas has integrity and character. He’s a highly educated man well versed in election law. Tabas would never usurp the will of the voters.

Jim Foreman


Chairman, Blair County

Republican Committee


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