Shapiro bad choice for attorney general

Pennsylvania’s AG Josh Shapiro evokes Niemoller’s quote: “First they came for the Jews, but I did nothing because I am not a Jew.”

Shapiro came for the Little Sisters of the Poor, who serve indigent dying people.

In 2016, the Sisters defended themselves against Obamacare’s mandate to provide abortion and contraception in employee insurance while many secular entities remain exempt.

The Sisters’ options were closing their facilities or paying millions in fines.

Then they won.

But Shapiro sued again. How much did he waste suing nuns?

In 2019, the commonwealth gave Shapiro power to prosecute gun and drug crimes in Philadelphia because Philadelphia’s DA refuses to.

Except Shapiro agrees with the DA.

Shapiro crisscrosses the state for drug busts claiming he’s a law and order guy. Philadelphia’s crime rate soars.

He won’t prosecute criminals. He sues nuns. Who’s next?

On Nov. 3, vote Heather Heidelbaugh for attorney general.

Nancy E. Head



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