School in session but boards meet remotely?

The hypocrisy that has gripped our nation’s capital now seems to have taken root in our local school boards as well.

I find it ironic, and downright irresponsible, that local school district boards are bound and determined on reopening buildings and then cramming hundreds of students, teachers and staff into these human petri dishes during a once-in-a-century, deadly pandemic with seemingly zero concern for the health of said students, faculty and staff.

Yet, these same board members are apparently anxious enough about their own well-being that many of them — and in some instances full boards — attend their regular district meetings remotely via Zoom.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Voting against fully remote education at this time is nothing short of immoral. Until all school board members are willing to attend their meetings in person during this pandemic, they ought to keep the school buildings closed and support remote learning only.

Lucinda A. Dodson



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