President wasn’t entitled to lift music

According to Phyllis Werts’ letter on Oct. 6, some bawl-baby singers were upset that President Donald Trump was using their songs at his rallies.

Foregoing the fact that Trump and his campaign didn’t bother getting permission to use the music, which is a trademark infringement.

She doesn’t seem to realize that the artists probably don’t want to be associated with a person who has done absolutely nothing by the book, who doesn’t follow even the minimum courtesy to bother asking if he can use the song. And they definitely wouldn’t want to be associated with a president that feels he can take and use whatever he wants.

Most people enjoy music or a group without having the stigma attached to it, especially one as bad as this president.

She feels it’s OK to use other people’s items without permission, then I guess she wouldn’t mind letting total strangers borrow her car or her house.

Jackie Edmundson



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