McConnell & Co. committed to power

With the death of Justice Ginsburg, it appears the goal of the billionaire class will be achieved.

For 40 years, they have been grooming a justice system under their will. Their goal is to conduct businesses without government oversight. They are adding to their control over wages and rights of employees, along with corporate lack of concern for the environment in order to maximize profit.

The power grab is made obvious by Mitch McConnell’s refusal to conduct most business given to him by the House and to work to appoint federal judges to the bench that will insure a corporate federal judiciary.

He also refused his constitutional duty to hold a hearing and a vote for Obama’s nominee to fill Judge Scalia’s seat, stating it was too close to an election. His duty was written in the constitution, and he ignored it, to the benefit of the billionaire class.

Louis Anthony Mollica



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