Make your vote count by doing it in person

My wife and I both decided to get mail-in ballots for the June 2 primary election because we weren’t sure how the COVID-19 pandemic would affect voting.

However, as voting day approached, we decided we would vote in person. We ended up filing provisional ballots because we had received the mail-in ballots. We were told that we could go online to www.hava.state.pa.us to confirm our votes were counted.

It is now over three months since we voted, and that official website still has no record of our voting.

I have talked to several people at the County Board of Elections. They told me that indeed our votes were counted. But still, when I go to that website, it says there is no record of our votes.

I talked to Rep. Lou Schmitt’s office on July 28 and several times after that date. They tell me that they have sent several e-mails to find out if our votes counted, but they can’t say our votes counted.

As I was researching this, the County Board of Elections mailed a copy of both of our voting records. I am trying to figure out why over the 14-year history, there are six times where the records show that my wife voted and I didn’t. We always vote.

You can go to the site I mentioned by inserting your name and birth date to see if your vote counted. You can call the Board of Elections to get your voting history.

We will never vote on a provisional ballot or a mail-in ballot.

Did your vote count?

Paul and Mary Dennis



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