Mail-in system has too many flaws

I have a few comments on mail-in ballots.

My wife and I have received several applications for the ballots addressed to us or occupant. Upon opening and reading, it requested normal fill-in information, then a section that asked for a driver license number and Social Security number.

Directly below was a box to check stating that I don’t have a Social Security number or driver’s license.

If we moved, the new resident (occupant) could fill it out, check that box and get a ballot and vote in our name.

I read where a judge ruled the signature doesn’t have to match. Add to this the number of people who died from the virus or accidents or natural death — their loved ones could request a ballot and vote for them. Don’t tell me it can’t happen.

How many dead people received stimulus checks? Also, don’t believe raising taxes on the wealthy and big businesses will help. This was tried before and didn’t work. The wealthy will hide money or move it to offshore accounts.Businesses will move to other countries.

The net result is we will lose tax money.

George Miller



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