Hold public officials accountable by voting

Voters will decide the direction of our nation on Nov. 3.

Among voters will be people using knowledge and understanding with their capacity and capability to reason over issues, before deciding on candidates. Vulnerable people subject to powerful cliches and misinformation may vote through emotion, not intellect.

Of concern in this election is cognitive dissonance; a condition described in Webster’s Collegiate dictionary as psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously.

Cognitive dissonance can be deliberately created to influence people unaware. Public officials are guilty of creating cognitive dissonance during the COVID-19 pandemic, global warming/climate change and race related crimes. Hold them accountable.

To embrace crises while pursuing a more perfect union, leadership is needed for paradigm shifts in the 1) political process, 2) economic structure, 3) way Brain and Neurocognitive System Health is viewed and 4) differentiating spirituality from religious freedom.

Voters will decide.

Etta Albright



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