Heidelbaugh deserves support for AG post

On Nov. 3, after you fill out your choice for president, you’ll come across another choice.

We’re a sharply divided country, but this choice seems clear. Heather Heidelbaugh deserves our support on election day to become the next attorney general for the commonwealth.

The current attorney general engages in shameless politicization of the position. Make no mistake, if he is reelected, he will leave his constituents high and dry in two years time, which he has done twice before when he left elected offices early to run for other offices.

He fully intends to run for governor in two years and is supposedly interested in advancing further than that. Moreover, Heidelbaugh is committed to serving the people in the position she is running for.

She is highly respected, qualified and worthy of the office. She consistently ranks among the best attorneys in the commonwealth. She has earned our vote.

Joe Carper



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