Democrats stand for wrong things

Former things…

We were Democrats. My aunt was the first woman elected to Altoona City Council. My grandfathers were veterans, blue collar patriots.

What happened? The party of underdogs has aligned itself with anarchists, not ashamed to defund the police. They don’t believe in sovereignty, (protecting borders) but do believe in disobedience to the law (sanctuary cities).

They talk of racial justice yet fuel division. They support the No. 1 killer of African-Americans, abortion. They refused God in their platform and forget “under God” in our pledge.

They call “E Pluribus Unum” and not “In God We Trust” our motto.

They prefer socialism over capitalism. They support gun control. They limit free speech under guise of political correctness.

Ultimately they ostracize those like Sen. Bob Casey for being pro-life. They preach tolerance but implement “cancel culture.”

We didn’t leave the Democratic Party. They abandoned us.

Dr. Matthew Stachmus



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